Why Australian homeowners are demanding Positive Quality panels

solar power installation with PV quality panelsSolar panels are the key component of a solar power system and have to survive and perform in Australia’s harsh climate for 25 years or more.

Ensure the solar panels you use are independently tested, verified and endorsed by the Australian Solar Council’s Positive Quality™ program.

Positive Quality – solar power you can bank on.

Quality inspection program solar PV modules

Why buy only PQ panels?

As the saying goes ‘Panels ain’t panels’.

The Positive Quality (PQ) program has a vital role in protecting consumers and the reputation of solar power industry.

individual-solar-cellPositive Quality solar modules have been tested in the manufacturing plant and meet the high standards we demand of them.

The result is peace of mind for consumers that you are getting the performance, durability and performance you are paying for.

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A big power investment? We've got you covered.

Commercial scale solar PV projects can yield great return on investment – as long as due diligence is followed.

Follow these three steps to safeguard your investment:

  1. Buy Positive Quality – many modules claim to meet international standards but only PQ modules are verified by independent testing.
  2. Ensure projects are properly designed to best practice standards and give confidence in investment returns with highest quality production estimates
  3. Use installers who work at best practice levels of professionalism such as those certified under the Solar Council’s Solar Gold program.
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