Australian Solar Council

The Positive Quality™ program is brought to you by the Australian Solar Council.


The Australian Solar Council (trading name of  The Australian Solar energy Society Ltd) exists to promote scientific, social and economic development through the environmentally sound use of solar energy. Four broad objectives form the basis of most of the society’s activities:

•     To promote research, development and adoption of solar energy and other complementary low emissions technologies

•     To promote research into and use of solar energy in building design

•     To compile and disseminate information and adoption of practices, technologies and systems for the use of solar energy and energy efficiency

•     To advocate for the adoption by all levels of government of appropriate policies and programs to promote use of solar energy.


The Australian Solar Council is a not-for-profit organization and is governed by a volunteer board elected by its members.

The Solar Council has established Academic and Industry Advisory Committees.  The  Advisory Committees provide specialist advice to the board to assist  them in meeting the organisation’s objectives.

The Council has a chapter in every Australian  State and Territory,  providing regular briefings to our members of matters of interest

The Solar Council defines ‘solar energy’ as being renewable energy that originate  from the sun: solar radiation (photovoltaic and solar thermal), wind  (wind energy), biomass and biogas, biofuels, and hydroelectricity.

The Solar Council plays an important role in technology development and application.


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